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Duration of Warranty:  D&K electronics b.v. provides standard 1 year of warranty for ScoreMaster products.
Software updates, if available, will be at no cost *, during one year after purchase (only valid when the RDS system with internet remote access is installed).
* extra cost will be charged for onsite install by our local technician, if required.
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How to interface the ScoreMaster scoring system?

The ScoreMaster scoring system is standard compatible with the NGT / D&K airOsetter pinsetter. Plug & Play !!

To connect the scoring system to other pinsetter brands the following outputs from the pinsetter are required:
(Inputs for the scoring system)

*        Fallen pins information (mostly obtained from the lamp deck outputs)
*        Pinsetter status e.g. 1st throw and/or 2nd throw position (mostly obtained from the
          lamp deck outputs)
*        Ball sensor contact
*        Foul line contact (optional)

Outputs provided by the scoring system:
(Potential free relay outputs, controlled by the scoring and/or RDS system)

*        Pinsetter on/off
*        Pinsetter reset
*        Bumper up
*        Waitress call
*        Optional: Strike output & Bumper down

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